Golden Era Products - Gold Foil Gutka

We offer you a wide variety of Gold Foil Gutka chiefly made with gold file and cardboard. Our Gold Foil Gutka is made up of optimum quality materials weighing 0.700 KGS. Our exclusive Gold Foil Gutka is a must avail product for every follower. Our specially designed Gold Foil Gutka brings positive vibes and prosperity to places.

Discription : Gold Foil Gutka
Product Code : JS-GF (GUTKA)
Size : 9x13 cm (Wooden Box Size : 14x19 cm))
G. Weight : 0.700 KGS
Made with Gold Foil (Also available in color printing)


Discription : Gold Foil Gutka Box
Product Code : GFB (Box)
Size :  
G. Weight :  
Made with Gold Foil and Cardboard

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