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24k Plated Gold & 9k Optical Crystal Gifts to Blow Your Mind!


Golden Era is an eminent name for importing, exporting and supplying an attractive collection of Religious Products. The collection of Products mainly includes Sikh Religious Products and Crystal Taj Mahal. Enjoyed by everyone from collectors to corporations and politicians, our products are often selected as presents for leaders of many countries, including USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and others.

With a dominating presence in the market from the past 17 years, we have carved a niche in the market for our exclusive Religious Products collection. We offer a wide variety in our entire collection to specifically meet the client’s specifications in terms of size, shape, and texture. Our entire collection posses an outstanding product line and quality, built on an intense passion for innovation & visionary thinking. For this, our team of professionals diligently makes use of their professional skills to outfit every individual demand.

All designs are partially hand-made, the crystal are heavy weight optical crystals and the metal is 24K GOLD Plated. All the designs are of the highest quality and are presented to customers in a safe secure gift box! Crystals has WON 21 AWARDS at major exhibits and competitions where they are always distinguished and praised for their high quality, style, originality and detail.

A complete Golden Era 24 KT GOLD PLATED product is made of several individual pieces of CRYSTAL & 24K GOLD PLATED METAL ACCENTS that are laser cut for precision and consistency. These are then fused by the dexterous hands of a traditional artisan.

GOLDEN ERA 24 KT GOLD PLATED & CRYSTAL GLASS RELLIGIOUS collection which posses an outstanding product line and product quality, built on an intense passion for innovation & visionary thinking.

GOLDEN ERA is a brand of elegant and unique collectibles and gift products made of optical crystal and 24K gold plated metal accents.

All Crystals are packaged in safe secure GIFT BOX!

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